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What i do and dont

...and how i think about it

15 February 1978
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I love books, since i learned reading within the first weeks of school.
Most i read is fiction, but i learn anything i am interested with.
Although i didnt yet proof to be good in any language but English, languages
fascinate me without end.
I do write, if someone is interested to read. I gave up writing "just to write"
Most of the music that i listen are soundtracks, instrumentals, because most common
songs are an endless variation of "i love you" and i can't hear that anymore.
I am interested into alot of things and easy to get interested into new things.
So if you have something to talk about, chances are good that i want to hear it.
If you are a creative person, i want to see it, if you are a fan of something,
i might be made into one too. Anything to keep me from getting bored
absolutely fabulous, acting, agatha christi, alan rickman, alice in wonderland, amber benson, american mcgee's alice, anime, antique photographs, arrakis, babylon 5, batman, battle angel alita, becky wahlstrom, blackadder, blade runner, book, books, btvs, cartoons, cats, cooking, cosplay, cypherpunk, dagguereotypes, dakota fanning, david bowie, dead like me, dean stockwell, doctor who, donnie darko, dr. who, dune, eddie izzard, ellen ripley, farscape, fawlty towers, fort boyard, french, gargoyles, gary oldman, george carlin, goth, gunslinger girls, h. p. lovecraft, h. r. giger, harry potter, hedge mazes, hermione granger, highlander, house m.d., house md, html, hugh laurie, isaac asimov, j. r. r. tolkien, j.r.r. tolkien, james bond, japan, jena malone, jessica alba, jessica biel, joan of arcadia, john delancie, johnny depp, katie stuart, kenneth branagh, kill bill, lacey chabert, languages, lauren hewett, league of gentlemen, lewis carroll, life on mars, linguistics, lord of the rings, lost in space, manga, megatokyo, monty python, movies, muppets, neil gaiman, neon genesis evangelion, party of five, paul bettany, pool billiard, quantum leap, reading, rik mayall, ringworld, role playing, rowan atkinson, rpg, rpgs, science fiction, scott bakula, sherlok holmes, simon pegg, skiing, snow skiing, star trek, star wars, steampunk, stephen fry, string theory, the brothers grimm, the fifth element, tim burton, time travel, tina majorino, veronica mars, william gibson, wipeout pulse, wipeout pure, x-files, xenomorphs